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Do you have an invention or idea?

The Inventors Assistance League is a U.S. 501(c)(3) non-profit educational institution that has been helping persons evaluate, protect, and market their ideas for over 50 years.


Before you go any further, we need to know if you have an idea that MIGHT be an invention.


To formally be called an inventor, you need to be holding a patent in your name.


To get a patent, you need to fulfill United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) guidelines.


IAL helps you prepare for the patent examiner, who will make that determination.


To take the first steps towards detrmining if indeed you are an inventor, you need to...

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Phase 1



Idea Assessment and Recommendation

An assessment of your idea is completed so we can get an idea of whether it is patentable and is worthwhile for a patent search (Phase 1, second part). Before continuing with what often is a costly patent process, you can learn early on in a low cost effective way whether your idea fulfills basic United States Patent and Trademarek Office (USPTO) requirements.

That is, your idea must be a "...new and useful process, machine, manufacture, or composition of matter, or any new and useful improvement thereof ..." [USPTO].


Patent Search and Recommendation

Once we've determined your idea fulfills UPSTO patentability criteria (workable, useful, ethical, etc.) we move forward by completing a patent search.

This part includes a report written by professional patent searchers who consult worldwide data bases to see if your idea is unique If the search shows that it is, you will qualify for a provisional patent application (PPA).


By becoming a member or purchasing any of our services you agree to the terms and conditions set forth in the Waiver/Non-Disclosure agreement (signed by IAL's CEO) you are about to read.

Terms - Waiver/Non-Disclosure agreement

Phase 2


Provisional Patent Application

Apply for a provisional application for patent (also called a "provisional patent application", or "PPA") that protects your idea or invention for 1 year.

Your PPA is written by IAL's resident PhD, who will prepare, write, deliver, monitor application status, and notify you when the patent application is received and acknowledged by the USPTO.

When an individual has the PPA written and filed, not only are the contents of their idea protected for up to 1 year from the date of filing, they receive “PATENT PENDING” status during this period.


Phase 3


Digital / Retail / Wholesale Marketing Assessment

IAL will refer you to one of our partners who can provide various marketing program options.

Starting at $249.00

info_outlineMost, if not all the above packages may be tax deductible, either as business expenses or as donations to IAL as a non-profit educational organization. Check with your tax authority.

info_outlineIt is critical that you complete these three basic phases: EVALUATION (Idea Assessment and Recommendation, and Patent Search and Recommendation), PROTECTION (Provisional Patent Application), and MARKETING phases in this order. Normally IAL will not do one phase until the previous one(s) is/are completed successfully. However, if a person is satisfied that no prior art exists after completing their own search, they can go directly to step 2 the PPA.

In order for IAL to perform the protection and evaluation services, you need to read and agree to our waiver and an acknowledgement of our signed non-disclosure/non-compete (NDA/NC) agreement. The waiver states essentially that we cannot be liable for USPTO decisions, that you will reply quickly to our communications, and that you follow our instructions. The NDA/NC says that The Inventors Assistance League (IAL) will not disclose your idea to anyone and we will not compete in the area of your idea. Your payment for our services is an implied consent to the NDA/NC and waiver.

A note on our approach to evaluating and protecting your idea

The reality is that 97% of persons holding patents are not successful getting them off the ground. Each step of going from idea to market is critical, and IAL can help you become successful. However, we have no quick fixes for "making money with your invention". You will need commitment, resources (about $1,000 initially before marketing - assuming you can get a PPA), and have the willingness and ability to follow instructions. Even with all this, there are no guarantees of success. No one, in fact, can give you these assurances.

For most persons having an idea, we have found that the idea may already exist out there in some form. Other invention organizations may find the same but tell you that the idea is patentable. This may be true with a design patent, but these are essentially worthless, unless you have a lot of money and resources to market the idea. Yet, you may be told that the idea IS patentable and be asked to sign a finance agreement of several thousands of dollars to do a patent search and get that patent. Do not do this!!!! Once we do our evaluation, we will give you an honest opinion of what we think of your idea and have experienced professionals recommend what to do.