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BD21301_ Do you have an idea, innovation or invention?
BD21301_ Do you think it has commercial value?
BD21301_ Can it be made, marketed and sold at a profit?
BD21301_ Do you want to get it into the center of its marketplace
so it can serve humankind and make you money?

NOTE:  Parts of this program and website are undergoing revision. 

Learn how to  Protect your invention with a Provisional Patent Application.
Now after 50 years of research there’s a simple and safe way to protect your ideas, and inventions.

IAL - Inventors Welcome

We’ll provide you with all the information that you will need to develop every single one of your ideas to their logical conclusion.

No attempt should be made to approach others until: 1) a patent search is done, and 2) you have in hand a Provisional Application for Patent (otherwise known as a Provisional Patent Application, or PPA) and non-disclosure/non-compete agreement.  If you talk with anyone, make sure they sign your non-disclosure/non-compete agreement.

It has now arrived – IAL’s NEW Marketing Program!!!!

– through our partner, Retail MBA

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Marketing your invention

This is what members should do about marketing their ideas once the PPA has been sent to the USPTO. This will be replacing the old IAL flyer program.

IAL members still have access to information on how to locate manufacturers and write advertising flyers to send to CEOs, but the Retail MBA program is definitely more comprehensive and effective. More details are soon to come on this website. Meanwhile, go to Retail MBA.

Members have access to an extensive resource library, where books, articles, and other information can be downloaded.  Keep in mind that IAL is a non-profit organization, and memberships may be tax deductible.   Hence, you can regard part of your membership as a donation towards enabling us to develop comprehensive information for the independent inventor.   Too, signing up gives you unlimited lifetime access to the documentation.  Once you have it, you have it, and you will have the updates, when they are available.  One does not sell a house twice to the same buyer.

At this point, IAL does not offer services directly.  Instead, members contact persons outside the organization for specific services.  In the very near future a “contractor’s list” will be available, somewhat similar to a Yellow Pages, listing such individuals and organizations.  Members should be aware that contact with these people is OUTSIDE of IAL, and the members assume ALL risks.  These people and organizations are ones that have been found through research (such as on the internet), but they have not been investigated or certified as to quality or integrity.  They are provided only for the member’s convenience to to give an idea of what may be “out there” in the way of resources.

73% of inventions starting new industries come from independent inventors.







A+ Rating with the
Better Business Bureau

Time to Complete

1 to 3 Years

Time to Complete

1 to 2 Years

Time to Complete

2 to 4 weeks

Protection of Idea

Provisional Patent Application

$1,000 to $3,000*

Non-Provisional Pat. App.

$4,000 to $15,000* or more in complex cases…

Protection of Idea

$3,000 to $15,000*

Protection of Idea

1 to 2 weeks

Instructions to do it yourself Provisional Patent Application

included in our program.

Marketing to Manufacturers

Service not normally provided!

Marketing to Manufacturers

$2,000 to $10,000* or more…

Marketing to Manufacturers

Complete low-cost program with our partner, Retail MBA.


$1,000 and up


Usually not offered


One Full Year Phone Support

Included in our program.

Total Cost

Costs $10,000
and up

Is common

Total Cost

$10,000 and
up is common
Usually encouraged to spend as much as you can.


Total IAL Membership Cost



*    Estimated costs based on current market pricing.

**  Does not include USPTO Fee of $65 for Provisional Patent (Application Micro Entity Status Filing Fee)

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