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Inventors Assistance League was founded in 1962 by Ted DeBoer, who wanted to provide low cost solutions for individuals to protect their ideas and inventions.


Provide persons with ideas "...instructions, information, help, motivation, and encouragemment" and "...teach every phase of inventing, from the inception of an idea to developing, protecting, reducing to practice, and marketing." [IAL Corporate Charter]

Our Process

We first evaluate your idea to see if it be patentable. Next, we protect your idea through a Provisional Patent Application. Finally, we provide a number of marketing options. EVALUATE - PROTECT - MARKET The need for these steps - IN THIS ORDER! - may be verified by checking the US Patent and Tradmark Ofiice (USPTO) website.

Our Program

When you sign up to become a paid member you will unlock resources, tools and have access to industry experts, like PhD's patent attorneys, and even a Google Rising Star!

Road of Truth

The reality is that 97% of persons holding patents fail. Each step of going from idea to market is critical, and IAL can help you avoid being in the failure category. However, we have no quick fixes for "making money with your invention". You will need commitment, resources (about $1,000 initially before marketing), and willingness and ability to follow instructions. Even with all this, there are no guarantees of success. No one, in fact, can give you these assurances, unless they can give you cash in hand.


We are not an "invention company", and we do not have you sign a finance agreement for services that will be of no benefit to you. We are a non-profit educational organization operating to serve persons who have ideas and offer low cost solutions for their idea or invention so they succeed. However, in order to succeed, these persons MUST be committed, have resources, and follow our advice.


The Inventors Assistance League works with intellectual property issues across the globe.



Services and Membership

We offer low-cost services to evaluate, protect, and market your idea successfully.

Most , if not all the following packages may be tax deductible, either as business expenses or as donations to IAL as a non-profit educational organization. Check with your tax authority

It is critical that you complete these three basic phases: EVALUATION (Idea Assessment and Recommendation, and Patent Search and Recommendation), PROTECTION (Provisional Patent Application), and MARKETING phases in this order. Normally IAL will not do one phase until the previous one(s) is/are completed successfully.


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IAL's Partner

IAL has partnered with IdeaMexLab for designing, doing 3-D drawings, and making prototypes of devices.



These are some of the types of courses IAL is planning for the future.

Patent Search

This course verifies the inventor's idea is unique with a complete patent search.

Provisional Patent Application

This course explores why an inventor should file a provisional patent application.

Retail Marketing

This course explains how to sell an invention to the retail market for royalites.

Digital Marketing

This course discovers the possibilities of digital marketing and its benefits.


Video Resource Library

Is My Invention Worth Pursuing?


Inventions And Ideas Patents


Learn How To Patent Inventions


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